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About Elevate

A transition to a modern cloud-based solution

This new integrated system will:

  • update our Human Resource/Human Capital Management, Finance and Student Information systems.
  • modernize and transform the way the university does business with a focus on improving the user experience for students, staff and faculty.

Our Goals

  1. Make the university more efficient and effective through simplified and streamlined key business processes.
  2. Provide a positive user experience for students, staff, and faculty.
  3. Allow the university to accurately collect, report, and analyze data important for decision-making.
  4. Ensure data security and privacy and meet all regulatory, compliance, and accreditation needs.
  5. Ensure that our ERP systems are reliable and can be easily maintained and updated.

Outside of the Brendan Iribe Center building

Why Now?

Our core administrative systems are at the end of their useful lives and in dire need of replacement.

We need modern, sustainable, and secure systems with functionality that supports the complex work of a leading research university.

Replacing these systems gives us an opportunity to standardize and streamline our core business processes, lightening the administrative burden on our faculty and staff and freeing them to spend more time on mission-driven work and improving our ability to demonstrate compliance.

The Elevate Project will:

  • provide better support for our students, including 24/7 access to the core student system and the ability to use mobile devices.
  • enable better strategic decision making through improved data management, reporting, and access to information.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Diagram showing that an ERP system consists of Financial, Human Resources, and Student


The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system includes three major elements.

  1. Human Resources or Human Capital Management,
  2. Finance, and
  3. Student Information. 

A full list of the Workday modules to be implemented can be viewed in the Elevate Guiding Principles document (see Appendix A).  These Workday modules will replace our outdated Human Resources (e.g., PHR, eTerp), Finance (Kuali Finance), and Student Information Systems.

These ERP elements are part of a critical computing infrastructure that allows the university to conduct its core business processes, including:

  • processing job applications, 
  • processing benefits and payroll, 
  • managing the financial budget of the university, and
  • handling all aspects of the student experience on campus from creating course schedules to issuing transcripts.

The ERP transformation is not just about technology.

Modern cloud-based enterprise systems include optimized business processes, so there will be changes to improve our existing business processes. 

The Elevate Project’s business process and organizational change management teams are working with units across campus to:

  • review existing processes,
  • develop new processes, and
  • help make necessary preparations.  

This will lead to streamlined business processes, allowing users to spend more time on mission critical tasks to better support our students, staff, and faculty.

Impacts beyond the College Park campus.

The benefits of modernizing our ERP go beyond the College Park campus as our Human Resource/Human Capital Management and Finance systems are also used by the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and the University of Maryland System Office.

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