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This level of change requires a multi-year commitment.

Replacing an enterprise system impacts every business process throughout the university’s Human Resources/Human Capital Management, Finance, and Student systems. Planning for the Elevate program required an extensive evaluation of our ERP system and the available cloud-based solutions used in higher education.

Three Stages of Workday Implementation

Implementation began on January 4, 2021 and includes three phases. 

The first phase of Elevate involves a multi-year implementation of Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financials. HCM and Financials Go Live will occur in November 2024.

Adaptive Planning, Workday’s budgeting and forecasting module, will deploy after HCM and Financials as part of the second phase of the implementation. Workday’s Adaptive Planning module will greatly improve our budgeting processes with enhanced reporting and analytics.

The third phase begins after the implementation of HCM and Finance and will involve Workday Student. The HCM and Finance modules form the foundation on which the Student system will be built. 

Program Status

In September 2023, Elevate’s Executive Sponsors notified employees at the University of Maryland College Park, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, and the University System of Maryland Office that Workday HCM and Finance Go Live will occur in November 2024!

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Workday HCM and Finance Timeline

Below is a high-level summary of our program timeline, with updates on what has been accomplished thus far, and the schedule of events to come.

Per the above timeline, the Elevate Program has successfully completed the Plan, Architect, Configure & Prototype, and Test & Train phases of the implementation. The Go Live of the implementation was postponed, and new Go Live dates for both Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance, and Adaptive Planning are under review.

January 2021 - April 2021

The Elevate Program successfully completed the Plan Phase of the project at the end of April 2021. During this time, the Elevate team successfully built a foundation for the rest of the project's success. We successfully:

  • Confirmed the project's scope and established project management tools and processes.
  • Recruited and onboarded 36 full-time and 2 part-time staff members onto the Elevate Program team.
  • Conducted an organizational readiness survey across all four entities.

May 2021 - October 2021

During this phase, the Elevate team focused on understanding our requirements and analyzing how Workday will be configured to meet those needs. Some of these activities included:

  • The Future State Process Design (FSPD) process helped Elevate define the who, what, when, and where of Workday’s major business processes, such as Recruit to Hire and Award Setup and Management. With the help of 62 subject matter experts across all four entities, Elevate conducted FSPD Drafting, Review, and Playback sessions for 23 separate HR and Finance business processes. These experts included individuals in both academic and administrative units who have HR and/or finance responsibilities and functional knowledge.
  • The Elevate Program’s Change Management team organized 34 PIT (Project Implementation Team) Crews, which are small teams within Schools and Colleges or administrative groups that help employees prepare for and understand the upcoming changes. PIT Crews will be critical in ensuring a successful implementation by planning and implementing Workday program decisions for their units, providing input about impacts to current work processes, and more.

November 2021 - Jun 2022

Based on the information gathered in the Architect phase, during the Configure and Prototype phase Elevate will:

  • Held Customer Confirmation Sessions to finalize input from 300+ stakeholders across our campuses.
  • Configured the Workday application.
  • Built integrations and reports.
  • Converted data from our legacy systems into Workday.
  • Designed the end-user training plan. 
  • Conducted Functional Overviews, which are demonstrations of Workday open to the entire campus community.

July 2022 - Current

During this phase, Elevate:

  • Ensured the configured Workday system, integrations and reports sufficiently meet UMD's defined needs
  • Developed and piloted end-user training and continue functional overviews

Under Review

During this phase, Elevate will:

  • Move to production.
  • Conduct training and support end-users as they transition to Workday.

Adaptive Planning is a separate module whose Go Live date has not been finalized. Elevate will:

  • Conduct requirement sessions.
  • Design data flow, security and integrations.
  • Build out the Adaptive Planning module in 11 “sprints” focused on different parts of the system.
  • Conduct User Acceptance Testing.
  • Create user guides and design training.

Student System - Go Live Under Review

Key Activities - January to August 2023

  • Interviews and focus groups with Students, Staff, and Faculty
    • What are pain points of the current system?  What do users want in a new system
  • Review existing processes and policies to understand structures that support the UMD academic experience.
    • This, along with stakeholder input, will allow for identification of areas of improvement.
  • Develop long-term communication strategies for Student project.
    • Keep Students, Staff and Faculty informed.
The University initiated a formal review of our ERP systems and the available cloud-based solutions used in higher education.
Review of systems was completed and UMD began to define next steps in updating our ERP system.
The University released a request for proposals and the campus began an extensive evaluation of proposed cloud-based ERP platforms from leading vendors.
The University selected Workday as our new ERP platform and subsequently chose Huron to assist in the implementation of the Workday platform. Contracts for both the ERP platform and implementation partner were reviewed and approved by the Board of Regents and Board of Public Works.
Work on implementing the new ERP system began in January 2021, starting with the Human Capital Management and Finance modules.
Work on the Human Capital Management, Finance and Adaptive Planning modules continues.
The University continues work on the new Human Capital Management and Finance modules. Work began on the implementation of Adaptive Planning and the new Student module.
Adaptive Planning and Student module work is underway.
Work on the Student module continues.
Work on the Student module continues.
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