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The ElevateR | November 2023

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Photo of Jack J. BlanchardMessage from Jack J. Blanchard, Associate Provost for Enterprise Resource Planning:

Since the postponement of Workday Go Live, the Elevate Program’s leadership has been assessing how this will impact our other Workday initiatives, including Adaptive Planning and Student. On November 9, 2023, Eduardo Lorente, AVP for Budget & Planning, notified users that Workday’s budgeting tool, Adaptive Planning, will also be delayed to coordinate with the rescheduled Workday Go Live. As a result, the FY25 Working Budget will occur in the Budget Preparation and Maintenance System (BPM) in Spring 2024.

The Elevate Program team is also moving forward with Workday Student, to ensure that we are laying the groundwork for the next phase of this transformational project. The Student Executive Steering Committee (ESC) has been assembled with their first meetings scheduled in December 2023. The Student ESC will be evaluating possible timeline options to begin implementation of Workday Student.

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge that our Elevate Program staff along with stakeholders across our partner entities have completed a number of major milestones in 2023 to prepare our community for Workday Go Live. Although we have had setbacks, the foundation we have laid will set us up for success in 2024. We are grateful for our engaged stakeholders who have provided us with feedback about the program thus far, and we will act on these insights and make necessary adjustments to continually improve our processes. We look forward to hitting the ground running towards a Workday HCM and Finance Go Live in 2024.

Featured FAQs

For the on-demand courses, is there a way to turn off or adjust the audio?
Yes, you can mute the volume via the controls at the bottom right of the course. There are also controls for you to adjust the volume or audio speed to your liking. Instructions are included at the beginning of each course when the player settings are explained.

Where can I find job aids?
All of our 300+ job aids can be found in our Learning Hubs. You can navigate by category and topic to access different job aids

Words of Workday

Functional Area 
Functional areas are collections of domains or business process security policies that are related to the same set of product features (e.g., Purchasing or Compensation).

Reports are either standard Workday delivered or are customized for UMD. Reports contain information and may appear like a list. Some reports contain prompts which are selections that can be displayed prior to executing a report. Prompts allow you to filter for report results.

Applications (apps) 
A collection of tasks and reports related to a functional area or specific topic (e.g., Absence or Learning).

ElevateR Spotlight

Cameron Hostetler joined the University of Maryland in 2018 as an HR Support Coordinator with the University Human Resources (UHR) Support Center. During her three years with the Support Center, Cameron became interested in training and instructional design as a career path. She moved in 2021 to UHR's Learning & Talent Development, where she redesigned the University’s new employee orientation program focused on providing new employees the best possible start to their UMD careers. In 2022, she joined the Elevate Program as a Training Specialist, where she is using all of her past experience at UMD to support our success with Workday.

“There's so much about Workday that excites me,” she says, “but as a Training Specialist, I have to give special emphasis to Workday Learning, which is going to be transformative for our learning and development professionals. They can expect fewer administrative headaches, more learner engagement, and more time to focus on developing great learning content!”

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