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The ElevateR | October 2023

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Photo of Jack J. BlanchardMessage from Jack J. Blanchard, Associate Provost for Enterprise Resource Planning:

As was announced last month, the Go Live of Workday has been postponed. While the new Go Live date has not been determined, the Elevate Team is busy with a number of ongoing activities that will continue to drive us toward a successful Workday implementation in 2024: 

  • Payroll integration testing, including completing the Central Payroll Bureau integrations.
  • Making enhancements to our Workday configuration, including some streamlining of business processes and improvements to data conversion.
  • Our business owners will complete an additional round of design signoff by January, ensuring that our key stakeholders and leadership are up-to-date on recent enhancements.
  • Refreshing our Workday tenant for our team and stakeholders to be able to test and practice in the Readiness Tenant with more up-to-date data.
  • Improving our documentation and other resources better guide and support our campus stakeholders.

This work is essential for University Leadership to be able to confirm a new Go Live date. It is our goal to have key milestones reached in January 2024, leading to an updated announcement about Go-Live in early 2024. 

Things You Need To Know:

  • Training is still available. With training deadlines being extended, we recommend that you are strategic about when to complete your training. It is important that you complete training, but it is also important that you retain what you learn during training.
  • Those individuals who have access to the Workday Readiness Tenant should use this time to practice in Workday the same business processes they complete today.
  • The Elevate Team will resume communications with campus about training closer to the new Go Live date.
  • HCM and Finance cutover activities are on hold. The Elevate Team will communicate again about updated cutover activities closer to a new Go Live date.

Featured FAQs

When will a new Go Live date be announced?
Selecting a new Go Live date requires a process that weighs several key considerations. Clearly it is important we get it right. We are working extensively with campus stakeholders to ensure that a new Go Live date considers the needs of our community. The Elevate Program will also conduct extensive payroll integration testing to resolve the issues that prevented us from going live this year. It is our goal to have key milestones reached in January 2024, leading to an updated announcement about Go-Live in early 2024.

Is the Workday mobile app available to use now?
Although the Workday app is available to download on Android or Apple devices, you will not be able to access Elevate's Workday until Workday goes live. That said, you may have optionally downloaded the app and are already using it for Maryland’s State Personnel System (SPS) by logging in with your SPS Employee ID (W#). Remember that our Workday system is different from Maryland’s State Personnel System (SPS), but the app will be the same.

In response to feedback from our campus stakeholders, the Elevate Program Team added a search function to our Glossary. You can search for terms by either the legacy UMD term or the Workday term.

ElevateR Spotlight

Merced Ada joined the University of Maryland in May 2022 as an Office Manager with the Division of IT. With over 15 years of higher education experience, Merced has worked in student support, alumni affairs, faculty recruitment and onboarding. At Georgetown University, she worked across academic departments, IT and the Provost office to successfully standardize the faculty application, recruitment, and onboarding tasks across the entire university.

Merced joined the Workday Enterprise Services team as a Workday Analyst to tackle the challenge of transitioning various systems into a powerful platform that will enhance and integrate core aspects of our university operations - from HR and Finance to Training and Student Life.

“I was working at Georgetown when we transitioned from our own legacy systems to Workday over 10 years ago, and I watched it evolve and transform our business operations and data stewardship,” says Merced. “I saw how Workday greatly improved Georgetown over time, and I wanted to be part of the effort here at Maryland, where the impact and reach is even larger with our many tenant partners and very large student, faculty, and staff populations.”

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