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The ElevateR | February 2024

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Photo of Jack J. BlanchardMessage from Jack J. Blanchard, Associate Provost for Enterprise Resource Planning:

The news is out: Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Finance will go live in November 2024, as announced this month by our executive sponsors. This announcement was preceded by months of work by the Elevate Program team to conduct payroll integration testing, as well as making many enhancements to Workday training and resources, to ensure that our community is ready for Go Live.

 We know many have questions about system freeze dates, last day activities, and Workday training. Our team is working to coordinate these activities with our new Go Live and will communicate with campus as soon as possible. With such a large system implementation, we know that transparency and accuracy is paramount, and we will work to keep our community in the loop so that units and departments can plan accordingly.

Crosswalks and Guides

The Elevate website has a new resource where you can learn more about Workday: Crosswalks and Guides

Crosswalks match information such as business process names or object codes with their corresponding item in Workday. Our Glossary, which was one of our first published resources, is a great example of a crosswalk. Our newest crosswalk on this page, Legacy Reports to Workday Reports, is a filterable database of current reports matched to reports in Workday.

Guides (coming soon) will provide definitions and use cases for Workday when appropriate. Guides do not include legacy information, and will be the source of truth moving forward beyond our legacy systems.

Words of Workday

Standard Reports
Reports that Workday creates and delivers to all Workday customers.

Custom Reports
Reports not delivered by Workday. These reports are built and supported centrally by the Workday Support team.

Worksheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet technology that allows users to explore and collaborate with data directly in Workday.

Featured FAQs

Will I be able to create my own reports in Workday?
The average user will not be able to create their own reports, but Workday has numerous options within a report to be able to drill into and/or filter the data. Additionally, in some drill downs, you'll be able to create additional pivots. You will be able to save the features of reports that you use often.

Will I be able to see historic data from PHR and KFS in Workday reports?
In most cases, no. You'll be able access historic operating reports via for three years, until Workday has built up sufficient historic data.

Sherrell McNamara's picture

ElevateR Spotlight

Sherrell McNamara
Payroll Analyst

Sherrell McNamara joined the Elevate Program this year as the HCM Workday Payroll Analyst. In her previous role at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), she worked extensively in various areas of Human Resources including time and absence management, internal and external reporting, project implementations, and ERP system testing. Altogether she has an impressive 29 years of university experience. With Elevate and Workday Enterprise Services, she will serve as the point-of-contact and subject matter expert for Workday payroll and payroll accounting functionality.


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