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The ElevateR | July 2023

Photo of Jack J. BlanchardMessage from Jack J. Blanchard, Associate Provost for Enterprise Resource Planning:

Workday Training is HERE!

On July 17, 2023, the Elevate Program team launched training for Workday! On-demand training courses have been available for all employees to enroll in for just over one week. It has been so exciting for our team to watch training enrollments climb and to watch our future users complete their courses. As of today, we have 763 completions of our first course, Introduction to Workday. We look forward to watching these numbers climb over the next four months, as we know that this training will be integral in preparing our staff, faculty, and students for Go Live on November 15.

If you have questions about which Workday courses to take there are several sources of information.  You should have received an email from the Elevate team on Jul 13, 2023 that summarizes your Workday security roles, the recommended and optional courses to complete based on your job needs, and the link to enroll in on-demand computer-based training courses. You can receive another email with your course curriculum by completing this form.  If you have other questions about training please visit the Training section of the Elevate website.

As you complete your courses, we also encourage you to begin exploring our Learning Hubs. Learning Hubs, which are accessible through our website, contain additional resources and information for Workday areas and topics. Learning Hubs allow you to access our wide array of job aids, which provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete certain tasks in Workday. These job aids complement our on-demand training courses and are meant to serve as reference material when you complete your day-to-day tasks in Workday on November 15 and beyond.

Our team is proud to have been able to provide our users with on-demand courses, job aids, and Learning Hubs four months before Go Live. It is our hope that you are able to use these four months to prepare yourself and your unit for Workday.


Words of Workday

Workday Logo

  • Contingent WorkerLegacy Term: Affiliates (excluding Retiree) and Nonpaid Workers    
    A non-paid worker or non-paid non-worker who may be granted system access or services as appropriate, but they are not paid by the University through Workday.
  • GiftLegacy Term: Account
    A worktag that represents gifts of money as a funding source. They will be used to manage expenses and revenue against spendable gifts, endowment funds, and investments. Gifts will be a "Driver" worktag and will have related worktags of Fund, Cost Center, Balancing Unit, Higher Ed Function Code.
  • Supplier ContractLegacy Term: Purchase Order
    Transaction that establishes the scope of goods and services that may be purchased from a supplier and the terms. May generate financial obligation/encumbrance.

Featured FAQs

Is training mandatory?

The Elevate program has identified recommended courses for you to take based on the security role(s) within Workday that were assigned to you by PIT Crews and business owners. Taking your recommended training courses is strongly encouraged and completion data is tracked. For some security roles, specific business owners might have mandatory requirements for select courses. These business owners will communicate any additional training requirements if they apply to you.

If I am a supervisor, can I get a report on who has completed training courses?

The Elevate Program has designed the Tableau Workday Training Dashboard. This powerful tool for supervisors enables them to monitor their direct reports’ learning progress and ensure that they are meeting their training objectives. This supervisory tool is not available to all employees - an email with a link to the training dashboard was sent to supervisors on July 12, 2023. The Workday Training Dashboard is intended to help supervisors easily track the progress of your direct reports in completing the recommended Workday courses based on their assigned security roles.  You can find step-by-step instructions on how to use the dashboard in this job aid. Email if you have any questions regarding this dashboard.

Photo of Tatiana CampbellElevateR Spotlight

The Elevate Program is thrilled to have a team of full-time employees that have a wide breadth of experience and institutional knowledge. In each issue of the ElevateR, we will shine the spotlight on a staff member who is working hard to make our project a success.

Tatiana Campbell Thonesavanh
Training Specialist

Tatiana Thonesavanh joined the University of Maryland in 2016 as a research lab manager and became a program coordinator for the Toggle Talk research project, which provided 500 kindergarten and first grade students in partnering Baltimore City Schools a gift wrapped book for the holiday season.

Tatiana recently completed her Masters in Professional Studies with the Industrial / Organizational Psychology program at UMD before joining the Change Management team with Elevate Program as a Training Specialist. She is excited to be supporting the strategic work of our organizational change within the University's community while learning more about meeting the needs of how we do business with the greater community.

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