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Postponing Workday implementation


As part of the Elevate program’s implementation of Workday, we have been working diligently toward the goal of launching on November 15, 2023. Throughout the process,  the Elevate team has made ongoing readiness assessments focused on reducing risk and ensuring the ultimate success of the Workday implementation.  

Recent assessments indicated that key technical and testing milestones related to payroll integration are not being met to our standards.  After a thorough review, we have determined that it is best to delay deployment of Workday. Although this is not the news any of us wanted, our new system must be able to pay our people accurately and reliably. 

We are working with the Elevate team to evaluate alternative launch dates. However, the revised go-live will not happen before summer 2024. The selection of a new go-live date for Workday will be informed by the input of stakeholders, so that the new date meets the diverse and competing needs of our community.  We will work quickly to share the new schedule as soon as possible.

For those who have already completed training, the skills and knowledge remain relevant when Workday goes live. For those who have not yet completed training, the deadlines for training completion will be extended and more details will be provided once a revised go-live date is determined. 

The freeze on some functions in PHR and eTERP that began on September 15, 2023 to prepare for a November go-live have been lifted. A new calendar of events will be provided once a revised go-live date is determined. 

Questions and concerns should be directed to

In closing, we want to thank all of the many staff and faculty who are contributing to the Elevate program and helping us to modernize our systems. Your extraordinary efforts are greatly appreciated and will allow us to successfully transition to Workday in the coming months.


Jennifer King Rice, Senior Vice President and Provost

Carlo Colella, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Jeff Hollingsworth, Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Greg Oler, Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer


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