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Drive to Go Live

Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Finance Go Live

Workday HCM and Finance will Go Live in November 2024!

In the lead up to the Workday HCM and Finance go-live, some systems being replaced by Workday will become unavailable for completing business processes as the Elevate team migrates data to the Workday platform.

For many systems, there will be a “freeze” period between using legacy systems and the start of Workday. This freeze period allows for data to be accurately transferred so that when Workday goes live there is a minimum of manual data entry.

Elevate will provide additional details on training, system freeze dates, and last day activities in the coming weeks.

Once Workday is live, a notification will be sent out to the UMCP, UMCES, UMES, and USMO communities announcing the platform is live and providing help resources for using the platform.

Last Day Activities

Freeze dates and last days for activities in various systems being replaced are listed below across Human Capital Management and Finance. 

These last day activities and important information about the Workday Go-Live process will be communicated through a variety of channels as the go-live date approaches so system users are aware and can plan accordingly.

The freeze on some functions in PHR and eTERP that began on September 15, 2023 to prepare for a November go-live have been lifted. A new calendar of events will be provided once a revised go-live date is determined. 

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