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  • Message from Jack J. Blanchard, Associate Provost for Enterprise Resource Planning:

    The relative quiet of summer is a good time to make progress on your Workday training, especially if you have several recommended courses. You can receive your recommended and optional Workday courses via email anytime by visiting our website.

    The Elevate Program has additional resources that can help supplement on-demand training courses, including:

    Business Process Workflows 

    Business process…

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Elevate's monthly newsletter is the best resource for staying up-to-date on our implementation of Workday.

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The Elevate Program hosts regular events to keep our community informed on our progress with Workday and aid in overall readiness. We hold Town Hall webinars on a regular cadence, during which leadership provides an update on our progress in implementing Workday and answers questions.

We have no scheduled events at this time, but you can view our past events at the below link.

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