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Internal Billing

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Internal Billing iconInternal Billing

Internal Billing is the process of billing and collecting for goods or services transferred from one UMD department or unit to another. In the context of internal billing, one unit acts as a supplier while the other unit acts as a customer.


  • Internal Service Provider – An Internal Service Provider is a UMD department or unit that provides goods or services to another department or unit.
  • Internal Service DeliveryInternal Service Delivery is Workday’s term for “internal billing.” It is the financial transaction resulting from the Internal Service Provider billing and collecting for goods or services sold to another UMD department or unit. Only Internal Service Providers (not the receiver of goods or services) can initiate the internal service delivery process.
  • Internal Catalog – Internal Catalogs are lists of goods/services and their descriptions, unit costs, spend categories, and lead times. Internal catalogs are created by the department’s Internal Catalog Data Entry Specialist and must be approved by the Controller’s Office. An internal catalog is specific to one Internal Service Provider. One Internal Service Provider, however, may have multiple catalogs.
  • Internal Catalog Work AreaThis area is used to view existing catalogs, load new catalog items, update existing items, or inactivate items.


  • Create Internal Service Delivery – Internal Service Delivery Data Entry Specialists use this task to bill for and collect from the receiving unit.
  • Create Internal Catalog – Internal Catalog Data Entry Specialists use this task to enter goods/services information. An internal catalog must be approved by the Controller’s Office. 


  • RPT804 Find Internal Service Deliveries – This report can be used to review the billing history for an internal service provider, check the status of an in-progress service delivery, and view a past service delivery’s details.

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Course Title Description
Internal Billing This course helps you understand the internal billing process in Workday. You will learn how to create an internal service delivery and create and maintain internal catalogs and catalog items.
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