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The Future of Onboarding in Workday

We held a live Webinar for this Functional Overview on May 26, 2022. This session included a question and answer session, as well as an overview of many of the resources on this page.

You can watch the full webinar session by clicking the button below, or you can explore the resources on this page to get a brief overview of what was covered.

What is Onboarding in Workday?

  • Onboarding provides new hires with self-service tasks and instructions sent to their Workday inbox. 
  • Onboarding begins 7 days before an employee’s start date. 
  • Onboarding impacts new hires brought into Workday, whether they go through recruiting or not. Transfers from within UMD, UMES, USMO, and UMCES will not go through onboarding in Workday.
  • New hires access the Onboarding Dashboard, a ‘one stop shop’ personalized onboarding experience.
  • Any required approvals are automatically routed after they submit a task.

Key Benefits for People Involved in Onboarding

  • All new hire information is in the same system
  • No more re-entering data
  • Enhanced communication between Hire & Onboarding roles
  • Access to historical archive of Hire & Onboarding communication and activities
  • Easier processing for transfers across entities (UMCP, UMES, USMO, UMCES)

Workday Demonstrations:

Complete Onboarding Setup as a Manager for Your New Hire

Complete Onboarding as a New Hire

Featured Glossary Terms

In Staffing, an individual you're tracking before employment. In Recruiting, a candidate who is in the Offer, Employment Agreement, Background Check, or Ready for Hire stage.

Onboarding Status Summary
A manager can view all completed and in-progress tasks for their employees in one view.

Onboarding Dashboard
The Onboarding Dashboard is the ‘one-stop shop’ for all things related to an employee’s onboarding. The new hire can view progress of tasks, see a list of people to meet and contacts (as provided by the manager), and be welcomed with a message from their manager.

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