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The Wonders of Worktags in Workday

We held a live Webinar for this Functional Overview on June 23, 2022. This session included a question and answer session, as well as an overview of many of the resources on this page.

You can watch the full webinar session by clicking the button below, or you can explore the resources on this page to get a brief overview of what was covered.

What are Worktags?

  • Worktags are identifiers used to describe and group transactions in Workday. 
  • Worktags support financial, managerial, and statutory reporting in Workday’s Foundation Data Model (equivalent to Chart of Accounts). 
  • KFS Accounts, Object Codes, and Org Codes will become worktags in Workday.
  • Worktags can be related to other worktags, meaning that when you select one worktag on a transaction, other worktags will be automatically populated.

Examples Of Worktags

HCM (Human Capital Management)

  • Employee
  • Employee Type
  • Supervisory Organization
  • Worker Type
  • Location
  • Job Profile
  • Applicant
  • Contingent Worker

FIN (Finance)

  • Grant
  • Project
  • Gift
  • USource
  • Fund
  • Cost Center
  • Revenue Category
  • Spend Category

Workday Demonstration:

Worktags in Action

Featured Glossary Terms

A worktag that represents former KFS Accounts that are not Grants, Projects, or Gifts. This includes, but is not limited to, State, DRIF, Agencies, and Auxiliaries accounts. USource will be a "Driver" worktag and will have related worktags of Fund, Cost Center, Balancing Unit, and Higher Ed Function Code.

A Company worktag is a fundamental Workday dimension that represents a single legal entity. In KFS, this is identified as Chart/Campus.

Cost Center
A Cost Center is a department, division, institute, or major program. It is identified as an Org Code in KFS. It’s a level at which budgets can be created and managed.

Cost Center Hierarchy
Divisions will become a Cost Center Hierarchy. Cost Center Managers will be assigned at the hierarchy or directly to the cost center.

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