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Workday's Got Talent (And Performance Management)

We held a live Webinar for this Functional Overview on September 29, 2022. This session included a question and answer session, as well as an overview of many of the resources on this page.

You can watch the full webinar session by clicking the button below, or you can explore the resources on this page to get a brief overview of what was covered.

What is Talent Management?

Talent Management is the ability to view and track informative talent data across one's team or organization. 

It includes:

  • Employee education reporting
  • Tracking of employee career interests and development
  • Capturing unique skills or abilities

What’s the Same? 

  • Education information will be required and tracked for all employees.
  • College Park faculty will continue to use Faculty Success

What's New?

  • Employees have the ability to add skills, achievements, languages, publications, work experience, and career interests
  • Managers can track talent data across their team.
  • All information is entered and tracked consistently.



What is Performance Management?

Performance Management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor, and review employee performance expectations and contributions to the success of the organization. 

It includes:

  • Creating and managing goals
  • Completing performance reviews

What’s the Same? 

  • The review cycle for UMCES, UMES, and UMCP will align with current state cycles.
  • Performance Factors/Competencies currently evaluated will remain the same.

What’s New?

  • Employees will have a self evaluation at every stage in the review cycle.
  • Managers will rate performance factors at Midway Feedback (UMCP & UMES) and the Annual Review.
  • Leaders will have insight on completion rates for reviews across their organizations.
  • Organizational Goals can be created and cascaded to a team or organization.

Workday Demonstrations

Create a Goal or Development Item

Complete A Self-Evaluation

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